Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Umbrella Sandbags! Yes!

Sounds like a medical condition!  

I haven't been here for quite some time but have been very busy with work and around the house doing "fall cleaning".. It is what I do here in Florida....getting ready for the nice cool temps.  Cleaning out closets, looking for fall things and looking forward to being outside more often without wilting.  It has been HOT!  But it finally feels a little better, at least here in the northern part of the east coast.

We finally got more patio furniture, table chairs and an UMBRELLA! If you have ever gotten one like mine, that has the three feet at the bottom, you know that you need sand bags or stones to weigh it down.  We went for the 50lb sand bags at $2.50 each....and of course sand bags are ugly.  After my husband brought them home I decided I had the perfect thing to cover them with.

To do this I had just purchased from my not so favorite big discount store, a vinyl tablecloth.  It measured 72" X 52".  I laid it face down and began cutting it up like I was wrapping Christmas presents!  I used my hot glue gun to seal the seams, and my husband came along behind me and sealed the seams again with heavy duty clear packing tape.

Cutting, Wrapping and Gluing
It worked out perfectly.  I put them face down over the feet of the umbrella stand and they at least look nice and can be easily moved, and recovered if necessary in the future... The cost was minimal.

What do you think??