Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Next up.... Hurricanes and Cocktails

It's upon us here in the south.  We can tell by the very hot humid weather.  If we could just get a little rain I would be happy.  It has been so dry...Before I post my next project (of which I was going to do today but my photos did not down load properly), I will share some Hurricane experiences and tips.  Given the fact that there are storms EVERYWHERE across the country these days one might think they will never come your way..... Not so fast my friends! I had 30K in damage and no power for 6 days.....
  • Boxes of Baby Wipes!!-  The best when no water or electricity! And they are cool if you keep them in a cooler or fridge!
  • Cases of water....
  • Make bags of your own Ice from the icemaker prior to a storm approaching
  • Also...freeze empty containers to make cubes for coolers.  Like empty 2 liter coke bottles.  Works great!
  • Buy a cooler!!!  or two!
  • Battery operated hand held fans...they sell them everywhere this time of the year
  • Gather up all the rag towels or old towels you have and keep them handy
  • Buy garbage bags or have at least a box around for storage of wet things, throw away bad food or to protect valuables.
  • If you have that gas BBQ- make sure the tank is filled.  Cook all the food going bad
  • Plenty of easy food ...like bread, peanut butter, etc.... & Plastic utensils
  • Games for kids if you have small ones and batteries for the hand held electronics
  • Batteries......obviously!  For everything from flashlights to Coleman lanterns
  • Weather Radio- We DID NOT have one for  two hurricanes and wish we did!
  • Generator if you can get one... 
  • Garden gloves or good leather work gloves for picking up debris outside 
  • A regular land line telephone. You can probably find one at a garage sale or thrift store!  Portables do not work without power!  Cell phones are "ify" when towers are damaged
  • And if you enjoy the cocktail or wine.....trust me here, liquor stores will be closed!  We had to trade ice for some rum after one storm!
Many of these things you may have on hand, but please check!  I also put a lot of photos in plastic and then in my clothes dryer! Of course those storms were a direct hit for us, so it was a bit drastic.  And you know those bags you get sometimes when you buy a new comforter or nice sheet set???  They have a zipper and a handle sometimes?  Great for quick storage! They are a nice thick plastic!  Some people have many of these already stored in a big Rubbermaid bin in the garage or closet.  Usually you know the storm is coming, so you have a little time, but I can tell you that once it's announced over the air that it is approaching, everyone is at the store looking for the same items.... so better to be prepared.

If you chose to leave, gather up what you are taking, but secure everything else you can't!  If you have a smart phone, load all the info on it, like phone numbers to insurance companies and your neighbors phone numbers.  

There is so much more, but I could be here all day..... so see you tomorrow, hopefully!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Love Saturday

It still will be the morning to finish what I did not accomplish yesterday, but at least I will be done early to "play" a little.  I have spent at least an hour doing online paperwork while looking out the window at my crazy dog chasing squirrels away from the bird feeder. While it is a holiday weekend and we do tend to "celebrate" I was reminded of the wine glasses and martini glasses that I have designed.  I can't tell you how many of these I have done for silent auction charities and gifts.  (you know who you are)  It fun and pretty easy.  Although I don't have a step by step tutorial, the visual of the final product might do.  Next chance I get I will take photos of the process.  Years ago, back from the 3rd house, I was lucky enough to aquire spools and spools of copper wire.  I pretty much triple the length of the wire and cut two.  After wrapping the ends and leaving some extra to make a "curly' design, I start adding glass beads.  It's kind of like braiding but with only two strands.  Anyway, I make at least four the same theme of color or make the beads match the shade of the glass.  It just gives the stem some flair and gives you something to play with when in deep conversation while holding your wine or cosmo!  Also tagging a special bead or charm on the end give the glass a ID of who it belongs to!  Cheers!!  Have a super Saturday!

Friday, May 27, 2011


That what it feels like.  I was off today as is every Friday in the summer.  But somehow lost the whole day just doing "stuff".  Now it is almost Saturday!   Dixie got groomed,  had the nails done, soaked my feet, and just tried to do some catching up around the homestead..... BTW...this is Dixie...my out of control schnauzer who hates squirrels! 
Anyway, when I painted that window wall hook thingy for my mud room, I tried to pick up these colors.  This mudroom was horrible when we moved in, and this window had a gingham curtain that had to go.  I made a straight panel (leftover fabric from the kitchenette chair re-do and the bar stool arm covers) and measured the size of that window in the door.  I cut it a couple of inches bigger to sew it.  The underside was a shower curtain that I never used and it was perfect in color to face the outside.  I sewed the two fabrics together with the right sides together and left the top open, then after turning right side out pinned the top across then sewed and left a pocket for the rod.  After all of that, I figured I like to get some light in that mudroom, so put Velcro squares on the bottom (backside) and some Velcro on the backside at the midway and now I can put it up when I want.  It was so easy and adds some color.  As you might be able to tell, I have a slight thing for the colors!

This is the underside and Velcro.  I like it better that anything I could find in the stores....Guess I could have done a custom shade but if I get tired of this I can make something else!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Looking out...

Going back to windows....and not the computer kind,  I have done several with antique windows reclaimed from old houses in NC. These I used to fill a bare wall that needed something!
I put tropical posters behind them.  I found the best sizes online and only had to trim a tiny bit.  You can put the poster on a thin foam board or heavy stock poster board, then mount to the back however is easier for you.  I used double stick tape so I can remove if I want to change it up another time.  Both windows have a slightly different beach scene.  Fortunately these windows are in great shape with good glass and all I had to do was clean them up and give them a lemon oil finish.  To hang, I used two round eye type hooks that screwed in on both ends and I attached a picture wire then hung!

Now, this was used for my mud room where I needed more hooks for the dogs leash, purses, bags and whatever comes along.  I painted after applying a small amount of crackle medium from Lowes then sanded a  little to distress.

I attached a small 2X2 piece of wood to the bottom for a "shelf" then gave the glass and edges a little flower design to match a window treatment I made on the door.  (will share that later on) 

I have a thing for windows I guess....if I can find  the other pictures I have  from my NC house, I will post those later.  They were pretty.  I had a  30 patio under the second story deck that was a chocolate brown wall of "brown".... so I found three matching old windows and distressed them and painted Ivy leaves on the glass. then hung unique wire flower planters under each one.  It was perfect!  Oh yeah...and the medicine cabinet my husband made!!  Yes, I will get those pictures tonight!  My buyers of the NC house said besides the light fixtures, appliances, etc.... I had to leave the window cabinet in the bathroom!  Darn!  Ok fine!

Ok, I found these pictures from mentioned above.  The patio windows and the bathroom window/cabinet.  I don't have pictures of how they were made but just these from after the fact to show how they came out.... I did use window spray frosting to the inside of the window glass so you couldn't see through it.  Using the flash on the camera made it look alot more "see through" but it wasn't as clear as it looks.   Have a good one!  Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hump Day!

It's another week and I have been swamped at work, so not too much fun with posting anything.  BUT I did get to look at a few link parties and saw this fun blog...

Not only were there great Blogs in the Blog Hop, but some great ads!  And the Blogs were everything from Food to How to survive a Teacher's Salary...of which my daughter is a teacher so a lot to relate to there! So look below for some very cool topics!

When I left NC to move back to FL, I brought back some cool "old" windows and did a few fun things with them, so when I come back tomorrow I will share those. Speaking of windows....Moving with antiques and alot of delicate glass items is always tricky.  Besides bubble wrap and moving blankets, I had to get creative when we ran out of all that stuff!  I used the piles of old towels and old comforters that can be easily washed later.  No need to buy more bubble wrap!  I just taped them all around and safe and secure!

Anyway enjoy looking at these blogs.... 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Thoughts

As I sit here and think of all the little projects I WANT TO DO, I decided to share this one before I figure out what is next.  You know how it is when you move...most of the furnishings don't look right from the other house (unless you are very lucky).  I only had a few that were ok and still working on replacing a bunch.  I didn't have a kitchenette set in the last house, but needed one here.  I prefer to look first at some of the nicer furniture consignment stores that specialize in furniture.  The savings is amazing and most is perfect condition.  I found one set that just needed the cushions recovered, so that was easy.  The bar stools came from another consignment store and needed paint to match the table and the cushions recovered, so that was easy too BUT not thinking about the arms of the stools hitting the counter....not so good.  Poor judgement on my part, so I made little "arm" covers to prevent them from getting scuffed up from hitting the stone counter.  There are so many INCREDIBLY talented people out there in these blogs I read.  Wow!  And what they do with Gadgets, Linkys, etc....I am way behind, but learning slowly. Anyway, I have learned to think about what furniture you really have to move! I didn't need most of mine...my husband begged to differ....so I still have it....for a while.

I had left over fabric...of which you should always buy extra.....

I cut them in double the length of the arm and stitched a small hem all around.  Doubled so they would "shir" down the arm rather than be just a straight cover.

(Sorry for the blurry), but I then hot glued velcro tabs down the length and velcro closed them all

You can see how the stool arms would get damaged
So now they are protected from scratches from the stone counter!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Simple Things

This is the best and cheapest way to pass the time if nothing else 
Bimini Ring
 going on.  Great "ice breaker" for a gathering. The twine or thin rope is attached to the ceiling and the hook on the wall. Here are some directions.  The ultimate word here is "should". If you get close- Go With It!
  • The hook should be 5’ up the wall.
  • The string should be 5’9” away from the wall.
  • The ring should be 18” from the floor when hanging at rest.
You can create your own "rules" and scores.  As there are just the two of us now....we have marathons!! However you can fine some different games/rules on the Web.

We didn't have this until our 5th house in NC.  We definitely needed it after a trip to the Exumas in the Bahamas... We played often when visiting Bimini.  We thought about leaving it for the new owners of the house in NC...but I already left them my Gnome which didn't go over well with some of my friends. 

Bimini and the Bahamas are a great place to visit.  Now you need a passport so a little more of an inconvenience, but nonetheless a reasonable place to go.  Pack light...you don't need much! If you ever get invited to go by boat, do it!!!  And I don't mean Cruise Ship.  Going off to some of the isolated islands is the best.  We did discover that if you stay and are in control of your own cooking, it is necessary to bring your own staples and some food, also bring detergent, soap and first aid!!!  A bottle of Tide was $16 and that was NOT a large bottle! Don't even think of any beauty products!  I guess this is why most people do the cruise thing.....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sometimes you just need to take a breath!

Went to the beach to watch the moon rise but got clouds instead... so watched the waves and birds.
Thought about taking the lifeguard chair for my backyard, but it wouldn't fit in my car!
Speaking of cars....I always keep an old jacket, towel and a pen or pencil in my car.  Also a small pair of sissors believe it or not comes in handy more than you know when driving around.  I have cut fresh flowers, tags off a new pair of flip flops and sometimes that irritating tag off a t-shirt!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ever Wonder?

Why you have that crap?  Even if it's your first move, start sifting through your "stuff"!!  Do you really need to pack that great pair of jeans that don't fit?  How about those college books from eight years ago?  They have new editions by now!   I have learned to sell whatever I can on E-Bay or Craigslist first...(not real fond of garage sales) but will have a garage sale if the time and neighborhood is good for it.  The rest goes to Charity.   It's hard to get rid of some things...I know, but it is healthy and gives room to start fresh.  My first move didn't involve anything but a garage sale because the alternatives were not invented yet!  It worked and I made enough money to cover some moving expenses.  But it was my first big move and my "stuff" still meant alot to me...........

So..... get rid of it!!!!!!!!!!!! This could take a weekend!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Back in the day....

Before kids....before marriage....life was easy and care free........almost.  I never thought being organized back then would come in handy later in life.  And now with the age of computers, internet, social networking and smart phones, wow!  Amazing and I love it.  Some people think it will be our demise; computers that is....but it's too late to worry about it.  Everything is out there already, so "Go With It"!

I have moved six times...and let me tell you, I have learned from each and every one.  From selling with realtors and the problems with closings to packing and renting a U-Haul and moving ourselves, then unpacking.  Actually, it is much better if one can afford to have someone else do it.  We had the luxury of that only one time.  However, there are sometimes problems with that too.

If you are a younger person you have so many advantages to help now.  The first move didn't involve a cell phone, mapquest, internet/online payments or a GPS device for the car!  We used big paper maps that were hard to fold back up.  And when calling a business you were lucky if they had a hold button!  I don't even think there was call waiting back then.  "Then" would only be back in the mid to late 70's.  Look how much has happened now in just 37 or so years!  It's so exciting.

The physical part of moving is the same.....for the most part.  Everything else is so easy!

More later!