Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Thoughts

As I sit here and think of all the little projects I WANT TO DO, I decided to share this one before I figure out what is next.  You know how it is when you move...most of the furnishings don't look right from the other house (unless you are very lucky).  I only had a few that were ok and still working on replacing a bunch.  I didn't have a kitchenette set in the last house, but needed one here.  I prefer to look first at some of the nicer furniture consignment stores that specialize in furniture.  The savings is amazing and most is perfect condition.  I found one set that just needed the cushions recovered, so that was easy.  The bar stools came from another consignment store and needed paint to match the table and the cushions recovered, so that was easy too BUT not thinking about the arms of the stools hitting the counter....not so good.  Poor judgement on my part, so I made little "arm" covers to prevent them from getting scuffed up from hitting the stone counter.  There are so many INCREDIBLY talented people out there in these blogs I read.  Wow!  And what they do with Gadgets, Linkys, etc....I am way behind, but learning slowly. Anyway, I have learned to think about what furniture you really have to move! I didn't need most of husband begged to I still have it....for a while.

I had left over fabric...of which you should always buy extra.....

I cut them in double the length of the arm and stitched a small hem all around.  Doubled so they would "shir" down the arm rather than be just a straight cover.

(Sorry for the blurry), but I then hot glued velcro tabs down the length and velcro closed them all

You can see how the stool arms would get damaged
So now they are protected from scratches from the stone counter!

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