Monday, May 16, 2011

Back in the day....

Before kids....before was easy and care free........almost.  I never thought being organized back then would come in handy later in life.  And now with the age of computers, internet, social networking and smart phones, wow!  Amazing and I love it.  Some people think it will be our demise; computers that is....but it's too late to worry about it.  Everything is out there already, so "Go With It"!

I have moved six times...and let me tell you, I have learned from each and every one.  From selling with realtors and the problems with closings to packing and renting a U-Haul and moving ourselves, then unpacking.  Actually, it is much better if one can afford to have someone else do it.  We had the luxury of that only one time.  However, there are sometimes problems with that too.

If you are a younger person you have so many advantages to help now.  The first move didn't involve a cell phone, mapquest, internet/online payments or a GPS device for the car!  We used big paper maps that were hard to fold back up.  And when calling a business you were lucky if they had a hold button!  I don't even think there was call waiting back then.  "Then" would only be back in the mid to late 70's.  Look how much has happened now in just 37 or so years!  It's so exciting.

The physical part of moving is the same.....for the most part.  Everything else is so easy!

More later!