Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Next up.... Hurricanes and Cocktails

It's upon us here in the south.  We can tell by the very hot humid weather.  If we could just get a little rain I would be happy.  It has been so dry...Before I post my next project (of which I was going to do today but my photos did not down load properly), I will share some Hurricane experiences and tips.  Given the fact that there are storms EVERYWHERE across the country these days one might think they will never come your way..... Not so fast my friends! I had 30K in damage and no power for 6 days.....
  • Boxes of Baby Wipes!!-  The best when no water or electricity! And they are cool if you keep them in a cooler or fridge!
  • Cases of water....
  • Make bags of your own Ice from the icemaker prior to a storm approaching
  • Also...freeze empty containers to make cubes for coolers.  Like empty 2 liter coke bottles.  Works great!
  • Buy a cooler!!!  or two!
  • Battery operated hand held fans...they sell them everywhere this time of the year
  • Gather up all the rag towels or old towels you have and keep them handy
  • Buy garbage bags or have at least a box around for storage of wet things, throw away bad food or to protect valuables.
  • If you have that gas BBQ- make sure the tank is filled.  Cook all the food going bad
  • Plenty of easy food ...like bread, peanut butter, etc.... & Plastic utensils
  • Games for kids if you have small ones and batteries for the hand held electronics
  • Batteries......obviously!  For everything from flashlights to Coleman lanterns
  • Weather Radio- We DID NOT have one for  two hurricanes and wish we did!
  • Generator if you can get one... 
  • Garden gloves or good leather work gloves for picking up debris outside 
  • A regular land line telephone. You can probably find one at a garage sale or thrift store!  Portables do not work without power!  Cell phones are "ify" when towers are damaged
  • And if you enjoy the cocktail or wine.....trust me here, liquor stores will be closed!  We had to trade ice for some rum after one storm!
Many of these things you may have on hand, but please check!  I also put a lot of photos in plastic and then in my clothes dryer! Of course those storms were a direct hit for us, so it was a bit drastic.  And you know those bags you get sometimes when you buy a new comforter or nice sheet set???  They have a zipper and a handle sometimes?  Great for quick storage! They are a nice thick plastic!  Some people have many of these already stored in a big Rubbermaid bin in the garage or closet.  Usually you know the storm is coming, so you have a little time, but I can tell you that once it's announced over the air that it is approaching, everyone is at the store looking for the same items.... so better to be prepared.

If you chose to leave, gather up what you are taking, but secure everything else you can't!  If you have a smart phone, load all the info on it, like phone numbers to insurance companies and your neighbors phone numbers.  

There is so much more, but I could be here all day..... so see you tomorrow, hopefully!

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