Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ever Wonder?

Why you have that crap?  Even if it's your first move, start sifting through your "stuff"!!  Do you really need to pack that great pair of jeans that don't fit?  How about those college books from eight years ago?  They have new editions by now!   I have learned to sell whatever I can on E-Bay or Craigslist first...(not real fond of garage sales) but will have a garage sale if the time and neighborhood is good for it.  The rest goes to Charity.   It's hard to get rid of some things...I know, but it is healthy and gives room to start fresh.  My first move didn't involve anything but a garage sale because the alternatives were not invented yet!  It worked and I made enough money to cover some moving expenses.  But it was my first big move and my "stuff" still meant alot to me...........

So..... get rid of it!!!!!!!!!!!! This could take a weekend!

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