Thursday, May 26, 2011

Looking out...

Going back to windows....and not the computer kind,  I have done several with antique windows reclaimed from old houses in NC. These I used to fill a bare wall that needed something!
I put tropical posters behind them.  I found the best sizes online and only had to trim a tiny bit.  You can put the poster on a thin foam board or heavy stock poster board, then mount to the back however is easier for you.  I used double stick tape so I can remove if I want to change it up another time.  Both windows have a slightly different beach scene.  Fortunately these windows are in great shape with good glass and all I had to do was clean them up and give them a lemon oil finish.  To hang, I used two round eye type hooks that screwed in on both ends and I attached a picture wire then hung!

Now, this was used for my mud room where I needed more hooks for the dogs leash, purses, bags and whatever comes along.  I painted after applying a small amount of crackle medium from Lowes then sanded a  little to distress.

I attached a small 2X2 piece of wood to the bottom for a "shelf" then gave the glass and edges a little flower design to match a window treatment I made on the door.  (will share that later on) 

I have a thing for windows I guess....if I can find  the other pictures I have  from my NC house, I will post those later.  They were pretty.  I had a  30 patio under the second story deck that was a chocolate brown wall of "brown".... so I found three matching old windows and distressed them and painted Ivy leaves on the glass. then hung unique wire flower planters under each one.  It was perfect!  Oh yeah...and the medicine cabinet my husband made!!  Yes, I will get those pictures tonight!  My buyers of the NC house said besides the light fixtures, appliances, etc.... I had to leave the window cabinet in the bathroom!  Darn!  Ok fine!

Ok, I found these pictures from mentioned above.  The patio windows and the bathroom window/cabinet.  I don't have pictures of how they were made but just these from after the fact to show how they came out.... I did use window spray frosting to the inside of the window glass so you couldn't see through it.  Using the flash on the camera made it look alot more "see through" but it wasn't as clear as it looks.   Have a good one!  Thanks for visiting!


  1. cute i love old windows :) i wanted to find one for my house but i dont really have any space for one : / maybe in the guestroom if i ever get to it

  2. Hey - what a great idea! I have been looking for a mirror/window frame for my basement room but maybe I should try the poster idea!


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