Friday, May 27, 2011


That what it feels like.  I was off today as is every Friday in the summer.  But somehow lost the whole day just doing "stuff".  Now it is almost Saturday!   Dixie got groomed,  had the nails done, soaked my feet, and just tried to do some catching up around the homestead..... BTW...this is out of control schnauzer who hates squirrels! 
Anyway, when I painted that window wall hook thingy for my mud room, I tried to pick up these colors.  This mudroom was horrible when we moved in, and this window had a gingham curtain that had to go.  I made a straight panel (leftover fabric from the kitchenette chair re-do and the bar stool arm covers) and measured the size of that window in the door.  I cut it a couple of inches bigger to sew it.  The underside was a shower curtain that I never used and it was perfect in color to face the outside.  I sewed the two fabrics together with the right sides together and left the top open, then after turning right side out pinned the top across then sewed and left a pocket for the rod.  After all of that, I figured I like to get some light in that mudroom, so put Velcro squares on the bottom (backside) and some Velcro on the backside at the midway and now I can put it up when I want.  It was so easy and adds some color.  As you might be able to tell, I have a slight thing for the colors!

This is the underside and Velcro.  I like it better that anything I could find in the stores....Guess I could have done a custom shade but if I get tired of this I can make something else!

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  1. I love a quick and easy project like this. Don't you just love Velcro? Great job. Thanks for sharing this and thanks for visiting with me.
    Have a great Memorial Day weekend.


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