Friday, July 8, 2011

Quick Hiding Places

Ok, well it has been a VERY crazy week.  I have had friends move right down the street which is fantastic, but we have all been busy unpacking, laughing, eating, drinking.....visiting and did I say eating?  Wow!  And so much catching up to do. 

But recently I had to hide a few things I am so sick of looking at.  I had this bare place in my office of which I have NOT found the right piece to put there.  So in the mean time I got this great deal on a nesting set of hamper type of baskets.  They are of the Cocoa palm type of basket as some of the other storage baskets I have.  This outlet on this wall was the only place the modem, router and phone line can be connected.  And with so many wires, it looked horrible just dangling around.  I fed the wires through the bottom and back of the basket to the inside.....NOW, it is hidden and because it's a basket, I have no interruption of service.  It's all inside!    The other baskets hold a variety of things from around the office that don't need to be out.  So it's my quick fix until I can find just the right piece.  And a guest can still use them as an end table of sorts!

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  1. Love great storage items like this! Stuff really can get in the way.


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