Thursday, July 21, 2011

Signs and Mileage! Updated

Since posting this a few weeks ago ,(below) my sister finally sent me a picture of the sign just about completed.  I think it came out pretty cool!  What do you think?


Haven't been here for a while.  Besides working all day at a college, I have a ton of things to do every day and don't like it sometimes.  But this project kept me busy last weekend.  It wasn't even mine to keep, but I get to visit it occassionally when I go to my sisters Condo in Clearwater, FL.  This is the cute place if you want to see....   She has many many projects underway as she is the manager and trying to make the place a little more festive for guests.  She has guests from all over the world and this is what she wanted.  It's not quite done because we ran out of time to assemble all the signs up, but she will get them all hung up soon.

First we had Lowes cut some cedar boards 24" in length.  They were great and cut what we wanted!  Then we got some paint in all tropical colors.  She looked up some of the most popular places of where the guests come from and we got to painting.  First the boards....

Then we painted city names....

Then after using a post hole digger and adding some quickcrete, the 4 X 4 went in.  We painted a cute little cap for the top that had a copper top fixed to it...

We also found some items to add to the signs.  Miami has a fish....Key West has a Star Fish and shells, Tampa will have a "Buccaneer", Orlando might get some mouse ears and a few countries might get some flags....  All signs get a final coat of polyurethane for protection.  When they are all up it will be very colorful!

The Gecko was a last minute thought, and it is perfect.  I can't wait until she sends me a pic of the finished product.   This is an easy project and can be done at your dock, pool or vacation beach house.  The signs can also be mounted to a tall tree!

Now...time for a tropical beverage with an umbrella!


  1. Very cute! I was looking to make something like this for my yard and will have to use some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just finished redoing the shed/pool house. These would be a fun addition. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. The signs are so cute and colorful. They really are a nice touch!

  4. I love them! They are so colorful and fun. Wondering where I could use something like that at my place.

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