Friday, June 10, 2011

Just Homemade...

My husband has made so man nice things in the past 32 years that I wish I had a digital camera back then.  I would have to get out my pics from the albums and scan all of them to show him off!  From no on, I will definitely whip out the camera now to catch him at work.  He has some plans upcoming for some things I have saved for him to make.  Here is one he did about four years ago for a specific place we needed a few simple cabinets for storage.  We couldn't find the size we wanted anywhere, so we designed these for the perfect fit.  Since then we moved (of course) and gave one to our daughter for her office and I kept the other for the mud room we now have.  I needed a shelf unit for above it to keep the dogs things, lunch bags, kitchen towels and miscellaneous.  On a trip last year back to the NC mountains, we went to one of the antique stores and found this old top part of a hutch.  It originally had doors from what I can tell by the hinge marks and holes.  We matched the paint from the original cabinet and distressed it a bit.  In honor of father's Day coming, I thought I would show off his handy talent.  I have so much more!  He is a keeper!
In Raw finish- Just 2X4's and plywood

Then stained, painted with a soft black, then sanded slightly to distress in areas and varnished

Look carefully.  I took the dremel and carved out stars in the top

Found the knobs on Ebay

Finished and now.......
...... in the Mudroom

 He also made me these wonderful little business card holders from some scrap oak.  He cut them about the size of a business card and drilled tiny holes and used a heavy duty wood glue and clamped them together.  I drilled tiny holes across the back on the top edge and used my many miles of copper wire to add beads and some frilly string fabric for a whimsy look.  I give them as gifts!
And just something pretty to look at today as my Petunias are looking so nice
 even as hot as it is!


  1. Those are great! Found you over on Hope Studios' Tutorial Tuesday Party Link...


  2. Wow! You have a very talented husband; everything looks great! How fun for you to plan and him to do it!


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