Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thankfully Peaceful Thursday

It has been quite the week so far.  I have been extra busy at work because my co-worker is out on vacation.  Ugh!  It has rained every day for almost a week now, so happy about that!
I was here this morning looking at this awesome sounding tropical cake.....I want to make it!  Check it out at:
Come here to see some other great links!
  Today is a PARTY!!


One of my oldest, dearest friends who shares my same birthdate (I call her my twin) is moving to a house right down the street from me this weekend...... so happy about that also!  We were in girl scouts together and I can't wait to work on different DIY projects with her!

It is the weekend for me because I am off every Friday in the summer.....yay!....Very happy about that!

And I am thinking of refinishing an old drop leaf/farm table I have.  Hopefully soon.  It will be the second "re-do", so I will be studying some of my favorite blogs to get some good techniques.

In the mean time, a former HS classmate took this fantastic picture of the sunrise today from Melbourne, FL.  It is so peaceful......enjoy!

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