Friday, June 24, 2011


I have been rather lazy lately because of the extreme heat and no rain.  Although rain is predicted for the next few days, so let's hope it cools us off and puts out all the fires.  Maybe I will get focused and get back to some good projects!  Otherwise this weird thing happened to me.  I guess sometimes you just have to get with what's going on around you....I like doing that anyway.  I find bird nests, honey bee nests, and one time last week a wounded squirrel trying to hide.....he better or the hawks will get him. (or my dog!)

While weeding the other day I saw a wild passion vine growing through a bunch of palmetto palms.  I really want to get the passion vines growing on my property, so I cut some to root.  While walking with the vines in my hand, I noticed a butterfly following me.  It was as if I took his home away.  Well turns out it must have laid eggs either on the vine or nearby.  So after putting the cuttings in water, I again noticed something weird....caterpillars all over the leaves.  Some big and some no bigger than a pin head.  So I had a to go get more vines for them to eat because that is what caterpillars do before the big transformation.  They are all gone now, hopefully hiding somewhere on the patio and I will see a new batch of butterflies in the next few days..... I will let you know!

One of the caterpillars crawled here and turned in to this!  It is stuck to the wall on the back patio!

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